When I was ten years old my dad asked me a question.  I started my reply with “I think… The old man interrupted me with a stern warning: If you think, I will hold you responsible.  Ever since, I have only been wondering.

This blog is not for purists.  I repeat: THIS BLOG IS NOT FOR PURISTS. It is also NOT political, nor religious – any reference to either is purely for illustration or an effort to support a wondering.

Come to think of it, it is also not for crusaders.  I will most probably add to this list as I stumble along.

If you find the content to be food for thought, amusing, funny, hilarious, entertaining or just sort of worth the read – let me know.  If not, keep your opinion to yourself, okay then; PLEASE keep your opinion to yourself. Only joking.

If, in my wonderings and ramblings, I quote someone without acknowledgement, please point it out with relevant references and I will gladly correct the injustice caused.