No really, it is about thinking differently about food, or to be more accurate; eating out. Last week Thursday a bunch of Anchor Yeast staff was treated at the SA Culinary Club at the Hobart Centre in Bryanston to French Cuisine we prepared ourselves; this is what happens at the SA Culinary Club.  Under the guidance from the professional chefs you are taught how to prepare the most delicious and exquisite dishes.

Our hosts made sure that from the MD (Managing Director) to the DM (Demented  Manager – moi!) and everyone in between, were entertained with good music, excellent wine and of course great food.

The atmosphere is one of pure joy and hilarity while creating dishes one only sees pictures of in cook books.  No dear reader, allow me to clear up a few things first; I am not a food critic nor a connoisseur of any kind.  However, I do love good food, good wine and a good party and that is why after my very first visit to SA Culinary School I just keep going back.

You know you have arrived at home when chirping the host and owner Dave Morris who then replies: “I should have known it was you…”

Berdine Jacobs aka Chef Dot put us all at ease and with her teaching and assistance we created a complicated French dish with a name I will not even attempt to find on Google.  Not only is she a specialist in French cuisine but she is a food photographer of note.  See the end result of both below.


Whether just joining one of the classes at the Club or organising a group function, one will have to go very far to such a fun filled experience.  SA Culinary Club is the most apt name for what you will experience here because to call it a restaurant or even a cooking school will definitely not do it justice.  No amount of writing can describe what happens here.  I will leave you with some links and photographs but the only way to appreciate it would be to go and experience it yourself.




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